Our Approach

As one of the UK’s leading regeneration companies, we are expert in unlocking value and finding long-term sustainable uses from our extensive landbank of former Colliery and brownfield sites.

Our business operates through two separate but related segments.

CAPITAL GROWTH focuses on maximising value by developing the property portfolio, and includes planning and development activity, value engineering, proactive asset management and strategic land acquisitions, including putting in the necessary infrastructure and then bringing these sites to market; and

INCOME GENERATION focuses on retaining selected land and property assets to generate growth and a long-term recurring income stream from the new commercial units that we build, our Business Parks portfolio, our low-carbon energy portfolio and the operations of recycling coal fines and aggregates during site remediation.

Our strategy is to promote, develop and utilise our existing portfolio, in addition to replenishing our asset base with attractive investment opportunities, to enhance net asset value.  The five stages of achieving this Strategy are explained below.