First Daw Mill Winding Wheel Donated

Harworth Estates has donated its first half winding wheel from the former Daw Mill Colliery to the local community in Warwickshire – as promised by the company in 2014.

Following a number of calls from local groups and individuals for the demise of the deep mining industry in Warwickshire to be formally marked, Harworth Estates carefully brought down four half winding wheels as part of the demolition of the previous Pithead in Spring 2014.  Donations were then agreed with four organisations:

  • Arley Primary School, which recently opened in New Arley;
  • Hurley Kings FC, a junior football club that play in the Tamworth league;
  • Ansley Parish Council; and
  • the National Arboretum in Lichfield.

Ansley Parish Council took receipt of their winding wheel on the 24th of April, which will eventually be sited on the main village roundabout.  The remaining donations will be made in forthcoming weeks.

These donations are in addition to the memorial garden that has been reinstated at the former Colliery to mark the 11 miners that died at the site during its life as a working colliery.