Harworth plants 108,000 trees at Chevington North, Northumberland and completes significant woodland creation project

Harworth Group plc, a leading regenerator of land and property for sustainable development and investment, is pleased to announce that it has recently completed the planting of over 108,000 trees, in collaboration with the Forestry Commission, at its 65-hectare Chevington North site in Northumberland.

Chevington North is now home to an even split of native and evergreen trees, with the project also delivering habitat creation adjacent to the existing stream on the site and public access via an extensive network of permissive footpaths. Harworth secured grants from the Forestry Commission’s Woodland Creation Planning Grant (WCPG) and England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) to support the delivery of the project.

Harworth also ran a programme of community planting initiatives, facilitated by Kids Plant Trees, involving the participation of three local primary schools, various community groups and local families.

Chevington North is one example of the steps Harworth is taking to deliver its net zero strategy, including its ambition to become operationally net zero by 2030, as outlined in its Net Zero Carbon Pathway.

“The significance of this tree planting effort extends far beyond its scale, and contributes to environmental sustainability by capturing carbon dioxide, supporting biodiversity and creating habitats for wildlife.

“By engaging with local schools and groups, we hope we have also helped to foster environmental awareness among the younger generations, whilst providing new woodland which enhances the natural beauty of the Morpeth area and provides the local community with a tranquil place to connect with nature.”

Peter Henry, Director of Sustainability, Harworth Group

“Last week I visited a 65 hectare Woodland Creation application funded by EWCO and submitted by Harworth Group with the support of Savills. The intimate mixed woodland followed the UK Forestry Standard and was delivered in an exceptionally fast timeframe, less than 11 months, which is faster than any other application in England for a medium size proposal. The success sits in the high level of communication between the parties and the mutual effort to achieve a common goal. The project is in the heart of Northumberland and will add a significant area of mixed forestry into a poorly afforested landscape.

“The Forestry Commission grant will not only support the improvement of land, the riparian buffer along the Sandy Burn, increased levels of biodiversity and respect the existing archaeological features but will now also offer 30 years of open access to support recreational activities for local communities.

“I feel very fortunate to be the Woodland Creation Officer who contributes to the realization of another new forest in Northumberland, and to have supported on this exciting journey.

“I look forward to bringing this best practise example of private and public sectors “working together” to future applications through the summer in preparation for next year.”

Andrea Baggio Compagnucci, Woodland Creation Officer, Forestry Commission

The project has been delivered in partnership with Savills.