Reg Bio-Power Opens Eco-friendly Power Plant at Whitemoor

REG Bio-power unveiled its brand new 18 megawatt power plant at Harworth Estates’ Whitemoor Business Park today – a plant that will recover used cooking oil into eco-friendly energy for the National Grid.

Living Fuels, part of REG Bio-power, will operate the plant to convert cooking oil into a patented ‘bio-liquid’ that on further conversion can provide clean energy for National Grid reserves – with the power to be called upon by the National Grid to meet unexpected power demand at short notice.  The opening of the plant at Whitemoor Business Park was attended by a number of local dignitaries, including Selby MP Nigel Adams.

Ian Collins, Managing Director of REG Living Fuels, says “We are delighted to introduce a greener initiative into the Selby area.  The new power plant will allow North Yorkshire communities to make a substantial difference in moving towards sustainable living.

“Recovering waste cooking oil to create electricity is incredibly good for the environment.  Not only are our sites producing much-needed renewable energy but anyone who recycles their waste cooking oil is also helping cut the UK taxpayer’s £15m bill for repairing drains clogged with fat cased when oil is tipped down the sink.”

Campbell Carruth, Director of Business Space at Harworth Estates, said “There’s a really good fit between ourselves and Reg Bio-power in that both firms believe in transforming things for the benefit of local communities.  The technology on show at Whitemoor is genuinely impressive and I look forward to continuing to work closely with the company to support their efforts to provide clean energy for Selby and beyond.”