Homes at Waverley

First Play Area for Waverley

Harworth Estates has funded the play area, which is the first to be installed on the residential development at Waverley. Residents’ views were taken into consideration when designing the area and the following equipment has been provided:

– A swing unit with three different seats;
– A climbing unit with slide;
– A dish roundabout; and
– A ‘trim trail’ comprising stepping pods, bridge, ladder and monkey bars.

Liz Askam, Surveyor for Harworth Estates, explained: “We have worked closely with residents and the equipment manufacturers, Sutcliffe Play, to produce an inclusive design which provides a variety of play experiences suitable for children of all ages from 1 to 12 years. Whilst ground conditions at this time of year have been less than ideal, we were keen for the play area to be completed so that residents could start to benefit from it as soon as possible. It is another step towards creating a real community feel here at Waverley.”

Jennie Machan, who lives at Waverley, commented: “The play area is a welcomed addition to Waverley and our little girl will love having this excellent facility so close to our house.”

The current position of the play area is temporary and it will be relocated within the housing area in future years as the development is built out and additional play facilities are required.