Harworth Sponsored YIBC a Success

The Yorkshire International Business Convention, held on 16 May at Magna in Rotherham, attracted over 450 guests and a range of top speakers to inspire growth in business.

Sponsored by Harworth Estates and others such as RIDO, TATA Steel, Emirates and others, the assembled crowd heard from Robert Peston, John Prescott, Michael Portillo, Howard Webb, Brian Blessed and Rosie Swale-Pope MBE.  Of particular local interest was Richard Noble’s address; the former world land speed record holder provided key details on the Bloodhound SSC – a British programme that intends to create the first car capable of reaching 1,000 mph (1,610km/h).  Parts machined at the Advanced Manufacturing Park by Rolls-Royce at Waverley are being used as part of this iconic project.

Mike Firth, Chairman of YIBC, said:

“This is the most dynamic part of the country with world-class organisations.  The Advanced Manufacturing Park and the AMRC inspired me.  This is a hotbed of manufacturing innovation and we need to do more to let the world know its potential; I hope that YIBC can play its part.”

Further images from the event can be found here.